Swim, Swim, Ski

I am a beast. Okay, maybe not, but I’m uber proud of myself lately. We all know I am not a swimmer (I’m a long distance runner through and through) but I’ve been rockin’ it in the pool lately! I tried running a few times since the NC trail half, but my dang knee just won’t stop bothering me. Hence, the swimming thing.

Last Thursday, I had the best swim of my life. I swam 1600 meters (1 mile)! For me, that’s a ton. Previously, I’ve only been going by time (usually 30 minutes) but that barely covered 3/4 of a mile with all my stopping and catching-of-my-breathe. And catch this: I swam the last half mile WITHOUT stopping (800m, 20 minutes)! MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH. I feel one step closer to #9. I’d only been able to do 250m without stopping before. I was so excited.  I also wanted to see how slow fast my last 50m was, so I timed it: 56 seconds. Phew, watch out Phelps.

I went swimming again on Saturday night (after working in lab all day… I’m super lame, I know), and busted out 1200m. Instead of just going for the distance, I did speed work. 50m warm up, 3x100m (breast, back, freestyle) as hard as I could, 800m steady effort freestyle, 50m freestyle sprint. This time, my last 50m was in 50 seconds.

Yeah, I’m sore.

Then on Sunday, the bf and I hit up Arapahoe Basin for some sweet skiing! This was his first time skiing, mind you. He took it like a champ. My parents were big skiers and got me hooked on skiing when I was a youngin’, so hopefully I did a decent job of teaching him :) I made an epic montage of his big day (to share with his friends/family back home), I’ll post it tomorrow for you guys.

Needless to say, two long swims and a full day of skiing = Erin is exhausted. Today is my day off, but I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow!

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