2010 Running Goals


Though knee pains scared me away from running for the past month or so, I’m determined to get back on the horse and train for another marathon! My 3 key running goals for 2010 are:

  1. Run the Cleveland Marathon, for Operation Jack; May 16
  2. Run the Neder-Nederland (10k) in Nederland, Colorado; Mid Sept
  3. Run the Denver Rock n’ Roll Marathon, for Operation Jack; Mid Oct

Though I don’t want to set time goals for myself for any of those races (yet), I will say that I’d like to run anything faster than a 5:15 marathon. Ha. Ugh. The Boulder Backroads Marathon was humbling and though I had trained really well for that race, bad weather and IT band pain broke me down that day. I’d really love to have a more positive marathon experience in 2010 :)

And why the Neder-Nederland 10k? The race is actually somewhat significant to me. 29 years ago, my parents lived in Nederland, Colorado. My dad and mom were actually part of the crew that started that race. In fact, my dad mapped out the first course. Boulder created a “BolderBoulder” 10k, so the folks in Nederland decided they wanted to create a non-profit charity run called the Neder-Nederland 10k. I think it’d also mean a lot to my ‘rents if I ran the race that they started. My brother still has my dad’s old Neder-Nederland race shirt from way back in the day. I think it’d be neat to have one from 2010.

What about a triathlon? I’m enjoying swimming lately, but I’m not sure if I can pull one off this year. The main problem being, I don’t have a bike. Fail. Perhaps I can try and save up for a road bike by the spring? Perhaps perhaps!

May 2010 be a year full of healthy running!


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