If you know me, you know I love dogs. Like, a crazywoman love for dogs. Big, small, scruffy, shaggy, dirty, I love them all the same. Especially puppies. My goodness I love puppies. I’ve been known to trip on sidewalks and fall over curbs while watching puppies.

Being home over Christmas break is great because I’m surrounded by not one, but THREE, pups: my ‘rents dog (Addie) and my sis & her hubby’s 2 dogs (Raven and Phoenix). I received a very exciting new camera lens from Santa this year and decided to go crazy with it and use the pups as my subjects. Tell me these dogs aren’t cute?!

Your pups miss you, Greg! They (and I) can’t wait to see you over your R&R in Feb! ‘Till then, be safe over there :)

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