Decorating Christmas Cookies

After completing an epic 48 hour voyage across America, Brian and I finally made it to my parents home on the west side of Cleveland. Brian just took off this morning, but he stayed for three nights and we had a blast having him here with us. One of the nights, we decorated Christmas cookies – a tradition we love to do when the whole family is together. My dad throws some old vinyl Christmas music on the turn table and the games begin. People take decorating cookies seriously here, and it is not a spectator sport. We’ve got cookies flying all over the place, sprinkles all over the counters, food coloring dying our fingertips, people grabbing for different colored frostings. It’s a competition, you see, and we will judge you if your Santa looks less than expertly glazed – which pretty much happens to every single one of my cookies I’ve ever made. Let’s just say I’m a chemist for a reason.

I didn’t want to dillydally with my camera to get better shots because I had frosting all over myself and I was having too much fun decorating Mrs. Clauses, candles, and reindeer but here are a few from during the fun.

And here are a few of the final products:

Mom made the Santa, sister made the wreath, I made the Mrs.
The vampire/angel/santa was Brian's, um, creation
My brother called this "abstract Santa"

Those cookies didn’t rest on the rack too long, though. The best part is eating them :)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    hahaha Abstract Santa….very nice.

    1. e410 says:

      Hehe, I know, Will could be the next Picasso ;)

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