Winter Weather Advisory

This is straight up crazy. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced this kind of cold for this long. It’s been sub 10’s all week, and for the past two days it’s been in the negatives. Yesterday was -10ish, but today… today is -7 but feels like -20 with the windchill! It’s gorgeous outside though. Blue skies and white snow. This is the view from my bedroom window:

Those are Boulder’s Flatirons. I’ve lived here for a year and a half and every morning I still can’t believe this is what I get to look at everyday. The mountains will never get old. I love it.

Remember the Northern Central Trail Half Marathon I ran with my siblings over Thanksgiving? They finally posted the race pictures. There are one or two that are good, most are so-so, and there are a few that are just hilarious. Here they are, for all to see. I really like the last one.

NCT Half Marathon Pictures Type in: Northern Central Trail Marathon, Bib #157

I’ve got a final for my nanoscience class tomorrow. This is the last class I’ll ever have to take in my graduate school career. Woah. That’s something to celebrate. A little over 27 hours and I’ll be done with classes Yessssssssss.

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