Yesterday was the kind of morning where when my alarm went off, I laid there in my warm, cozy, delicious bed debating with myself whether I should peel myself out from under the covers to go jump into a cold pool to go swimming. Honestly, the hardest part of working out in the morning (which is how I roll) is getting out of bed. As soon as you convince yourself that you’ll be happy doing it (which you will) and that you’d feel guilty if you didn’t (which you would) it makes it all the easier. Also, I’ve found my phone helps too: I’ve got a sweetsweet Blackberry and I receive emails and facebook messages on it. When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a message or two and reading those in bed helps wake me up.

This morning was different. My alarm went off and I was excited (I know, right?) to get out of bed to go for a swim. I got up, threw on as many layers of clothing as socially acceptable, and head out the door to catch the 6:24am bus. It’s quite the transition going from a warm, cozy, delicious bed to -6°F as you wait for the bus.

But I had a great swim. I’m so glad I got up and got into the pool. I swam for 40 minutes this morning and made a huge improvement: I was able to swim 4 laps continuously without pausing at the wall to catch my breathe. Between 4 laps, I’d swim breaststroke for 2. Then I’d repeat. I felt like my breathing was stronger and more in control. Woopwoop! So just like running, some days are sluggish and some days feel good. “…and it keeps gettin’ betta!”

Go to right now and type in Boulder, CO. It says it’s 6°F but feels like -10°F. Sweet lord. I know I lived in Chicago for almost 10 years and Ohio for 4, but seriously, this is COLD. I wore foot warmers in my boots yesterday, no joke. I’m wearing running tights under my jeans today. My scarf has become a part of my body. And it’s snowy too! Which, however, I do love. Everything is so white… and squeaky and slippery. As I was attempting to snot rocket on the way from the gym to my lab this morning, I did one of those flailing arms-in-the-air legs sliding all over the place dances. It was awesome. I think I pulled a muscle in my hammy.

Happy Tuesday!


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