Good Luck, Mel!

Good luck to my bff Melon on her first marathon today!!! She’s running the West Palm Beach marathon and she’s crazy fast (I’m talking 5ks in sub-19 mins) I can’t wait to hear from her when she finishes!

Mel’s an amazing runner. I met her when we ran track in high school. She ran short/middle distances, I ran long. We became best friends over the years of running and classes we took together (she made math so much more enjoyable). We were co-captains of the track team our senior year. I moved in with her family for the 2nd semester of our senior year (which was AWESOME) because my dad got a job that moved our fam to NJ. She went to college in IL and I moved to OH. But distance ain’t got nothin’ on our friendship :) Too bad she doesn’t live out in CO with me now though… I miss her!

July 2005
Me and Melon's family, August 2007
New Years Eve, 2007
Melon came to my college graduation, May 2008
Hiking Flattop Mtn, Rocky Mtn. National Park, June 2009

Best of luck today, girl! I’m thinkin’ of ya!

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