Foto (and funny video) Friday!

Todays swim: 30 minutes (15 freestyle, 15 breaststroke) Every day feels better! My arms are sore now and I like it :)

I really enjoy reading Chic Runner’s blog and most Fridays she seems to post pictures in spirit of this “foto friday” thing that a lot of bloggers do. I kinda like that idea, so I think I’ll follow along! Except, maybe I’ll add funny videos too.

First and foremost, if you haven’t seen this video you must watch it now. It is HILARIOUS. I literally laugh so hard I cry. Every time. You’ll thank me for this gem.


On to the fotos! I know these are not recent but you can never forgot your pet (or service dog in-training), so I wanted to share them as my first foto Friday. Along with 9 of my closest friends, I trained two service dogs in college. My junior year we had Rocko.

Taking Rocko on a trip to DrugMart

My senior year we got Bebe.

Bebe when she was just a pup

Each pup had their own lovable personality. Rocko was the rambunctious “I do-what-I-want” dog. He was famous for stealing argyle socks and tampons. Bebe was feisty and would challenge Rocko to a fight even though she was half his size at first.

When they’d cuddle, it was possibly the cutest thing of all times.

They were such great dogs! I miss them! It was hard training the dogs, getting all attached, then having to hand them off. But it felt good knowing that they were going to someone in need… and someone who’d love them and become their new best friend.

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