And I’m spent!

Weez and I went swimming this morning and I am POOPED. We spent about 35 minutes in the pool, and I tried to continuously swim for the majority of the time. A quick break between every 2nd or 3rd lap to try and catch a little bit of my breathe, but I wanted to make sure to get a solid cardio workout in. Thus, I’m spent.

It feels so great to swim. I love how challenging it is. Figuring out my breathing is tough, but I know I’ll get better at it. And I love the feeling when your arms are tired and you’re trying to pull yourself through the water. It’s hard, but a good hard. I also experimented with backstroke for about 10 mins. Though I do appreciate being able to breath more, my legs definitely got a good work out!

I’ve been going to the pool ~ 6:15am and lucky for me the pool has practically no one in it! That’s good, ’cause I probably look disfunctional in the water. Getting ready for work in the locker room reminded me of all the good times with my XC and track friends after practice. I miss those college days. I haven’t been out for that long, but man… there’s something irreplaceable about being part of a team :)


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