New Hair

Right before I graduated from college in the spring of 2008, I cut my hair short to symbolize a new beginning as I was getting ready to take off for graduate school in Colorado. But I realized short hair isn’t really my thing. I look young enough and short hair only amplifies that.

Me and Sage, right after getting our hair cut short; April 2008

My hair grows SO slow. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. At first I only wanted to grow my hair back to its “normal” length but after one of my best friend’s donated her hair to Locks of Love, I was inspired. So last Thanksgiving, I decided I wasn’t going to cut my hair (other than trims) until it was long enough to chop off 10″ to donate. I’m lucky enough to have healthy hair, even if it does grow slow, so why not give it to someone who’d love to have it?

Me, my mom, and my sister; Thanksgiving 2008
November 2009

It’s taken a year, but this is me now! Long hair again! I decided to dye it last weekend :) My natural color is brown but I wanted to go dark for the fall. Don’t worry mom, it’s not permanent! It should wash out by Christmas. I just think it’s fun to dye it a different color from time to time. I’ll post more pictures after Thanksgiving. This is really the only picture of me with my hair down since I’ve dyed it. A lot of my friends have been asking to see pictures of the new do, so I hope you like it!

I’ll leave you with a really cute video about Breast Cancer Awareness. I know it’s the end of the month, but everyone should be aware that breast cancer is the #2 leading cause of cancer death among women. But ya know what? There are more and more survivors every year. My aunt is a survivor of breast cancer. She went through chemo and lost her hair. But she’s been living cancer-free for many years now. Awareness, prevention, and treatments are getting better! Scientists are doing amazing things. Support/donate to cancer research… or you could also donate your hair :)


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