My Awesome Weekend Recap

Friday was a glorious, glorious day. Weez passed his oral exam! A short 90 minutes after going into it, he walked back into lab with his tie off and a huge smile on his face.

At the Sink, celebrating after Weez passed his orals

After calling our advisor to let him know the good news, we were off to the Sink for a few drinks to start the celebration. We made sure to take good care of our new Doctoral Candidate :) A few IPAs and onion rings later, he and I took off to go join some other friends for Fakesgiving.

So many good friends, good food, and good drinks! I indulged in tons of turkey and creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and Rum and Coke. Mmm. I made sure to leave enough room at the end for the pie! Pecan pie is soooo good. And anyone who says otherwise is just crazy.

On Saturday after a successful 12 miler, Weez and I went  over to our friend Gabes’  house to watch OSU kick some  Michigan butt. It was  glorious. Gabes and his wife are  the most HARD CORE  OSU fans of all times. Good god,  you should see their  house. It’s out of control. Oh, and  their dog gets decked  out too. He’s the cutest little guy.

Sunday was full of productivity, movie watching, and football! Before hanging out with Dave and Em to watch the Eagles/Bears game, we went to go see 2012 – it totally rocked! I literally was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I highly recommend it! It also made me cry like a school child. Seriously, bring tissues.

Well I only have dos mas days of work left before taking off for BALTIMORE! I’m so excited to see my family! The half marathon is on Saturday! And my mom’s birthday is on Sunday! Yay! As for the half – with all my knee pain – I just want to finish. It’ll just be so much fun running it with both my siblings. Can’t wait!


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