I’ll be honest. Today hasn’t been the most productive day of my life. My lab mate, Maggs, and I have been anxiously sitting around, waiting for Weez to come in. His orals don’t start until 3pm (3 hours from now) but somehow, we’re still a bit anxious. Everyone know he’s gonna rock this test, and he’ll pass with flying colors. I’m just excited for that moment when he walks back into lab after he’s done with a big ol’ smile on his face and says “I PASSED!” We’re all really excited for that.

After he gets back around 5ish, we’re taking him to the Hill for drinks. Then tonight is FAKESGIVING!!! I’m so excited. My friends and I are having a huge Thanksgiving feast, in lieu of the real Thanksgiving – where most of us will be with family/out of town/camping. I’m making my mom’s Green Bean Casserole recipe (mmm). I can’t wait to gorge myself. The mashed potatoes and green bean casserole are my fave. Last year, we started the ‘Fakesgiving’ tradition and it was such a blast.

I ate so much last year I couldn’t make it to dessert. I’ll have to plan better this time ;)

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!


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