Head first into the birthday cake

Update on Junior: She’s alive and kickin’! 2 days after Breakin’ Down, we drove back to Washington to pick her up. Turns out, a tow back to civilization and an oil pan replacement aren’t cheap. But anyways, she’s back in our arms garage and we can laugh about it.

Last weekend was chalked full of good stuff, but the best part was my Nephew’s 3rd birthday! This little (giant) love of mine, made me an Auntie 3 whole years ago and I have no idea where the time has gone.


My sister and BIL hosted a birthday party for James at this adorable indoor padded playground. The kiddos had a blast while the adults got to mingle, and I loved capturing the moments.
James’ best bud…
Uncle Weez!
Me, Sherrie (Grandma I.), and Liv (my sis)…

My baby niece….
My heart cannot even handle you, Joan Elise.


Weez, Cabo, and I are sooo loving living only 2.5hrs away from these guys :)
Because I love catching moments like these…
Head first into the birthday cake. Way to go, big guy.

James’ Aunt Nani didn’t want him to be the only one with frosting all over his face, so I got in on the fun.

At 3 years young, this kiddo has become a Semiprofessional Paleontologist, an Expert of What Foxes’ Say, the Snuggliest of Morningtime buddies, the Biggest Cabo Fan in the World. I love how he chases after her and giggles, and how she can trot after him for hours on end.

You’re gonna move mountains one day, JQ. And your Aunt Nani and Uncle Weez think you’re pretty rad. Even with green frosting all over your face. Especially with green frosting all over your face.

Broke down (way) outside of Battleground

Over the weekend, Weez, Cabo, and I had grand plans to go backpacking outside of Battleground, Washington. 2 hours into the drive on a backcountry/dirt trail/forest road, a rock pin-balled underneath my car, leaving us with a broken engine, stranded in the middle of nowhere. Good times.

We figured we might as well document the situation for funsies.

Where’s the craziest place your car has ever broken down? What’d you do to get help?

100% Debt-Free

On Sunday March 2, 2014, at approximately 5:12PM, something totally incredible happened. Something worth photographing. Something definitely worth blogging about.

With one anticlimactic click of the mouse, Weez and I made the final payment on his student loans!

It’s a pretty neat feeling. And gives me (even more) insane amounts of appreciation to my parents who gave me the gift of my liberal arts college education that got me where I am today.

And with that, Weez and I are now 100% debt-free!

Cabo was obviously very proud and shared in the high-fiving.

After the high fives, Weez and I celebrated with a fabulous bottle of wine and the realization that we can direct this newfound financial freedom towards other sweet stuff. Like maybe owning a home one day (what?!), starting a family (don’t get too excited, folks), or other things grown ups talk about. (Unrelated, what do grown ups talk about?!)

So cheers to anyone out there who is chipping away, or has finished chipping away at their student loans! That’s no small feat and I’m proud of you! I’m proud of us.