Title Nine Event + Giveaway

{The Event}

Last Wednesday, I was invited to a media-only even hosted by the generous folks and bravangelists at Title Nine. Title Nine is a women’s sports clothing store, founded in 1989 by a team of active women (and men) who are evangelical about women’s participation in sports and fitness activities.

I was pumped to attend the “Fit Test” because this was my first PDX bloggers meet up, and after scoping out Title Nine’s selection of sports bras online, I couldn’t wait test out a few.

The PDX store is colorful, clean, and classy. The employees were super sweet and personal (special shout out to my bravangelist/bra-fitter, Molly). I spent 15 minutes just browsing cute workout clothes before I was ready to test out a few sports bras.

I tried on (and jumped around) in a handful of activewear bras (ranging from light support, to lock-and-load’em support), and settled on this gem:

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 7.50.03 PM Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 7.50.20 PM

And because they looked super cute together, I decided to buy the matching Oiselle tank top. I’m slightly obsessed. Lightwear, loose (but not too loose), fun. I kind of want to go back and buy all 6 colors.
Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 7.58.10 PM

The Title Nine folks rocked. Not only did they gift me the sports bra, they gave all of us goodie bags stocked full of treats, running socks, a running hat, a clip-on light, and handbag.

By the way, the Title Nine Run Cap? I’ve searched high and low for a running hat that keeps my too-short-for-a-pony hair out of my face, and this is The One. Love at first run.

In short, I really enjoyed the Title Nine folks, my Fit Test, and all the pretty+functional apparel.  And now one of YOU have a chance to win a personalized fitting at Title Nine + one, free sports bra!

{The EfoRunner Title Nine Giveaway} 
Who: anyone in the US
How: simply comment below, tell me about your last workout! 
What: a personalized fitting (in-person, or by-phone) + your choice of sports bra
When: act quick! enter by June 2nd 11:59PM (Tuesday)!

If you’re Oregonian, you can attend the FitTest to get fitted in-person:
June 3-4, 10AM-8PM
Title Nine Portland
1335 NW Kearney Street, Portland

June 10-11, 10AM-8PM
Title Nine Eugene
5th Street Market
296 East 5th Ave #229, Eugene

All other locations/dates can be found HERE.

You don’t have to be a winner to attend the FitTests! Anyone can go, but are encouraged to RSVP first (RSVP here). If you don’t live near a store, they will fit you over the phone and send you a gift certificate.

I will randomly select a winner and contact you on Wednesday (June 3rd).

Good luck! And thanks again, Title Nine!

Race Recap: 2015 Eugene Marathon

Gorgeous river walk. Perfect weather. Flat course. Lots of curves. Low key. College town. Easy logistics. Nailed our splits. Worked together. Zero hydration/nutrition issues. Hitting The Wall at mile 20 (in a big way). The pain cave (in a big way). Entering Historic Hayward Field. Sprinting down the home stretch and channeling my inner Pre. 

May 10th, 2015. A memory I won’t soon forget.

The “Athlete’s Village” had this huge banner (above) that had the names of all the runners registered for the race. That was a really personal touch that I loved.

Eugene, OR is home to the University of Oregon. Track Town USA. A total college town, filled with Duck pride, greens and yellows, and a vibe that put me almost back in Boulder. Race morning started super early (because we drove the 2hrs, day-of) but the race was small enough (~2500 runners) that logistics were a breeze.

The starting line was chill. Weez was pumped because he was about to chase down a massive PR. I was over the moon because 1. I’m the luckiest wife in the world, with a husband who only loves running as much as I do and 2. we were just 3.5hrs shy of Hayward Field.

Time to race!

Our strategy for the first 5 miles was to run by feel. I was feeling pretty sluggish the weeks before the race (and our 20 milers were relatively slow // ~9 min pace), so you can imagine my surprise when we hit the 1st mile in 7:15.

We put on the breaks, but somehow came through the Mile 2 in 7:30. So then, I was telling myself to REALLY slow it down, to the point that I thought I was completely botching the race (was it going to be 8:30s? 9s?).

And came through Mile 3 in 7:40. Mile 4 in 7:40. Mile 5 in 7:40. 

At that point, my confidence started to soar and I decided to lock into the pace and forget the watch. 7:40 felt comfortable, light, fresh.

Mile 10 comes and goes, with another 7:40 and I even said to Weez, “We’re running our dream marathon!

I was on cloud 9.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.52.09 PM

When we crossed the 13.1 timing matt, I thought first about my parents – cheering us on from afar – and my mama in law, and siblings, friends, and all you guys whose love and support make me feel like a million bucks.

I doubled our 13.1 split, had a moment of nervous excitement, and realized we both had a shot at PRs.

We weren’t chatting much. We were pretty focused on the task at hand. Which, at that point, was now sub 3:20.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.48.42 PM

Dr. Weez was crushing it.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.47.27 PM

He was either a stride or two ahead of me through Mile 17. All I wanted to do was stay with him so I was pretty mentally shattered when he pulled off for a pit stop at mile 18.

I (admittedly) started tearing up a bit. The crowd was really sweet and I got lots of “hang in there!”‘s because here I was, this ridiculous girl, running through the most lovely, curvy, riverwalk/bike path with spectators holding “CHAFING THE DREAM” signs, crying my eyes out.

Classic Efo.

Miles 18-20 were a happy blur of “maybe Weez will catch me?” “no! don’t let him catch you!”.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.53.18 PM

Then Mile 20 hit.

Hello, Wall. 

They say a marathon is a 20 mile warm up, followed by a 10K race. Well I’m here to tell you, I was in no shape to race a 10K. My feet started screaming at me. My hamies were trashed. It was going downhill quickly.

I ran the numbers and while I was bummed I wasn’t going to hit my PR, I was still on track for my (previously lofty) A-Goal: Sub 3:25!

Mile 21 saw it’s first 8:0X split. Followed by another at 22, and another at 23. Ouch ouch ouch.

I played every game in the book to pull myself forward. I repeated quotes in my head. I thought about my mom and sister a ton. It was mother’s day and I wanted to dedicate every step to them, because they are the most dedicated, loving, supportive women I’ll ever know. They are my rock stars.

But I was in the pain cave. It hurt. It hurt bad. I grit my teeth, and by some miracle, I made it to Mile 25 without a mile over 8:10.

And then all the sudden, there was the University of Oregon up ahead! Spectators were lining the streets again and I remembered I was about to run into Hayward Field!

I made the turn, ran through the green gates, and started sprinting with everything I had left.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.51.16 PM

What an honor it was, to be invited to sprint down that legendary finishing stretch. I thought about Pre and the Olympic Trials and how running changed forever when U of O’s coach Bill Bowerman started this little company called Nike.

And then there was the clock, up ahead. Oh that sweet sweet finish line! I did it! Sub 3:25!

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.51.39 PM

Official Results
3:24:21 (7:48 pace)
15th AG (of 118) // 50th female (of 724) // 247th overall (of 1,474)

I didn’t even have time to start whimpering in pain when I heard the announcer scream, “From Portland, Oregon… here comes Brian Why-Zen-Hour!” (it’s pronounced WE-zen-hour).
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.50.12 PM

Like a BOSS, this guy DESTROYED his previous PR and came in at 3:25. So ridiculously proud of him. I love this guy.
Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 8.47.53 PM

Major thanks to The Eugene Marathon, the volunteers, and all the amazing spectators and kiddos that lined the course and added a huge personal touch the the day. Thank YOU guys for all the love and texts and tweets. I will always and forever adore the running community.

I absolutely love being a Runner.

A Marathoner :)

Here we go, marathon #9!

I’m sitting here next to a tall glass of water, in my running shorts and tank, having completed my last shake out run before the Eugene Marathon tomorrow.

Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 2.31.17 PM

4 months of training came and went just like that, didn’t it? Hilarious that my last post was about registering for Eugene, and now this post is the Pre Race one. But here we go!

I want to recap my training a little, because this cycle was different than years prior and here’s why:

1. The Running Streak lives! I completed my 495th day of running-in-a-row, today. I am beyond grateful for this gift. I so appreciate that I can lift both legs off the ground every day to hit the trails/pavement/treadmill: injury free, happy, healthy, mobile. This streak is more meaningful to me than the miles. My body lets me play outside every day. I really am lucky.

2. Quality > Quantity. Now you’d think the above bullet point would mean it’s all about the quantity, but that it is not, my friends. Weez and I toned down the mileage and just listened to our legs. This cycle followed the usual build up to 2 20-milers thing, but the week day runs were light and deliberate.

3. More Sleep. We rearranged our running routine (thanks to the HUGE benefit of both working at Intel) to meet over lunch, instead of waking up at 4:30AM like we did in 2014. This meant way more sleep, happier legs, and a much needed improvement to the relationship with work/life balance.

4. Mild winter. Sorry midwest friends, but the PNW had such a wonderfully mild winter/spring. It’s been in the mid 50s or warmer since February. It’s always more fun to run when weather is on your side.
2014-09-6 HikeMtHood (52 of 63)

5. Weight. Be it as it is, I weigh more today than I did a year ago. Race weight is not a thing I tried to achieve this year, but the demon still rides my back. I fight the battle with myself all too often but try to keep reminding myself that I am healthy and that’s as good as race weight skinny.

As for realistic race day goals?

A. Sub 3:25
B. Sub 3:30
C. Enjoy Track Town USA and the massive, massive treat of sprinting down historic, legendary, iconic Hayward Field into the finish line. I almost want to bring my phone during the race, just for that moment.

You can track us (Weez is racing, too! He’s going for a big PR/anything sub 3:40) by clicking HERE or set up race day tracking HERE.

See you at the finish line, Marathon #9! Here we go!

PS. Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredibly strong women out there that are MOMS. Especially, to my mama :)