8 Weeks Till My First Ultra!

I’ve been a runner for 16 years. A marathoner for 5. And all this time, I have yet to dip into the welcoming world of ultramarathons. Until now!
Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 8.34.20 AM

Here I am, 8 weeks out from my first 50k and I am excit-ervous.

All year long, I’ve been maintaining a decent base. Nothing to write home about, maybe 20-30 mile weeks, but the streak lives :) Everyday in 2014 has been graced by a run – from 1 mile down the block and back, in my PJs, at 11 o’clock at night; to running loops around our hotel floor in Ecuador; to 2:30hr trail runs on the weekends – I’ve been lucky to run everyday.

As fall approaches (yaaayyyy!), I knew I wanted to register for another marathon this year.

About 4 weeks ago, when I was inviting my brother out for the Silver Falls marathon, he somehow convinced Weez and I to register for the 50k instead. You ultra runners are hilarious like that. “Oh, come on, it’s only JUST another bazzilion miles…”

So anyhoo, he roped us in, and here we are. 8 short, SHORT weeks away from 50K.

We’ve been inching our long runs up every weekend – starting from 90 tempo minutes around town to 2hrs on trails (funny, how those can be almost the same mileage) to this past week of 2:30hrs – we’re creeping to the 16-20 mile LR zone.

But honestly, we’re kind of just wingin’ it.

Ultra runner friends: Do you have a recommended 50k training plan? Any advice on back-to-backs or max distance to hit? Can I ramp up into the 50K or should we spend a week or two tapering?

Looking forward to quality miles over the next 8 weeks!

Cheers to eating healthy, living well, and happy hours spent on single tracks!

Two Very Important Birthdays

Two of my favorite little ladies celebrated their birthdays last week/month: Cabo turned 3. And our baby niece, Joan, turned 1.

Cabo got loads of attention and ridiculous/gourmet $2418 per pound doggie treats for her birthday because we love her and spoil her more than anyone probably should spoil their dog.

Cabo at 3 years :)

Now, our girl is 3 years old/strong/opinionated/goofy/playful/shy/protective/curious/gentle, but she was once just a little pup: 15lbs of fur and bone, found wandering the streets of NM before she adopted US and changed our world :)

IMG_0603 IMG_0657 IMG_0658

GAH that FACE?! She kills me. She’s pretty much the sweetest dog, ever.

Cabo got to enjoy copious amounts of real-person birthday cake with the little lady of the year — Joan — during her 1st birthday “Cake Smash”.

Joan is our only (for now, hopefully!) niece and guurrrrlll does she have my heart.
IMG_9404 IMG_9407


I mean, I dunno, yeah, she’s alright :)

Joan at 1 is sweet as can be; mellow and tender; genuinely happy; playful and smiley; and juuuust on the verge of taking off into the world of walk-running. Gosh, those little legs, when they stand up and tumble down as she tries taking an unassisted step. I can’t even handle it.
Then it was time for cake!
Joan’s big bro, James (he’s 3+ now), had fun helping with the cake smash, too.
We may or may not have smooshed his face into the cake. Come on! Was his face not in perfect position?! He was totally asking for it ;)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, baby girl. My have you grown :)

Where has the time gone?

Yeah…  Okay, we really love being aunt and uncle :)

Fluffy Hats and Velvet Robes

In last post’s major catch-up sesh, I somehow managed to forget one very large trip: Boulder, for our PhD graduation! This has to be documented.

Weez and I flew back to Colorado to visit friends and family, and were honored to participate in the University of CO hooding ceremony. Felt very fancy and full of tradition/silly hats/photo-ops.
Forever a Buff.

Mama and Papa Dubs came out for the big event. I cried no fewer than 5 times because of this. I’m so lucky to have such incredible in-laws. They are the best a gal can get.
After brunch at The Buff restaurant, we got all gown’ed up.
Those puffy hats were awesome and we even got to keep them. Maybe we’ll find a way to display them with our diplomas. Or maybe I’ll stuff it and give it to Cabo for a chew toy.

The ceremony was lovely, and made me very honored to be a CU Alumn. Our PhD advisor was one proud papa with 3 of his students graduating that day.

I had an incredible graduate school experience, all thanks to my advisor, Doug. Genius, comedian, bulldog, storyteller, teacher, leader, mentor. The myth. The man. The legend. We love him.

Typical Efo Face.
Labmates for 5+ years. There’s nothing we haven’t been through together.
I can’t be spotted making a polite smile when decked out in professional regalia. It’s a problem. Thumbs up for being DOCTORS!
For my folks back home, here are a few more family photos :)
After the ceremony, we wandered back to campus for a schlew of photos with the amazing Flatirons as the backdrop. CU wins the award for most gorgeous campus. PS. How sweet were our hoods?!

After the photos were taken and robes removed, we met all our friends for celebratory drinks, where we shut the place down and eventually had to call it a night. Such a great day/memory.
The next morning, we had to say bye to Mama and Papa Dubs but not before a delicious brunch in Golden and more tears and hugs and good times.

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to our friends, and enjoying time at our favorite restaurants/trails/spots around town. It just felt so nice to go back to the city that we love/miss so much.
photo 5
photo 1
photo 2_2

Boulder, you are a dream town.

And if we get lucky enough to find a way back to you, we just might. But in any case, we will always consider you home. The place Brian and I fell in love; the place we found Cabo; the place we earned our doctorates; the place where lifelong friendships were made and passion for vegan food and local microbrews began.

6 of the best years of our lives.