Hey, I’m Efo!

My first name is Erin, but all my friends call me Efo. So, please, call me Efo.

I fall in the category of 20-something and I used to live in Boulder, CO (chem grad school) but have since moved to Portland, OR for a job in the “real world”.
I dig what I do, but I like to blog about a few of my other favorite things in life.

I really love running. I ran¬†competitively¬†throughout high school and college, but since those glory days, I’ve fallen in love with marathons and trail running.
photo 4
I love backpacking. And spending our weekends in the mountains or on the coast.
I love photography. Especially capturing moments with the people I love.
I’m a fan of being outside, active, and living a healthy lifestyle… which pretty much sums up the theme here at EfoRunner. ¬†Thanks for checking it out!

10 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Efo!

    • Haha, oh gosh no (they’re much too speedy for me)! I ran XC and track for a D3 liberal arts college in Ohio back in 2004-2008, though :)

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